Sunday, August 18, 2013

Why the New Evangelization of the Roman Catholic Church won't work

The New Evangelization of the Roman Catholic Church is based on a false gospel. That's why the New Evangelization won't work, because it is based on a false gospel. It is the false gospel that claims our works add to the work of Christ on the cross and that together they manage to save us. We are saved by Christ alone, through his grace alone, by his one work on the cross alone. Any other gospel is a false gospel and that's why simply calling it "new" will not work. The false gospel called "new" or the "new evangelization" is still the false gospel. When you preach a false gospel, you are condemned to hell unless you repent. Check St. Paul in Galatians. He'll tell you all you need to know.

The Roman Catholic Church needs to be called to repentence, and if it refuses to repent, it will remain the Whore spoken of in Revelations and not only it, but all Protestant churches who claim that freewill is the way to Christ will also be counted as the Whore and cast down. The true Gospel is that Christ alone has saved all who come to believe in him as God in the flesh, Lord and Savior as well as his promise to save us completely in John 10. Faith is a gift from God. Believe and rejoice in Christ alone for your salvation. -- Bro. Jim

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