Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Is Catholicism really good enough, mom?

My mom, a Roman Catholic modern church worshipper, still says if it was good enough for her mom and dad it is good enough for her. Really? How sad.

The following is what was good enough for our ancestors…is it really good enough for us in the eyes of the Christ we say we worship? Surely not for people who have read and believe his word--the Bible.

Yet Roman Catholics are taught that each time they receive the body and blood of our Lord at Holy Communion they are giving their ascent and approval to all the teachings of the Church’s Magisterium. That means they agree to go along with all the following formal teachings of that same Magisterium (which is the pope and those bishops in union with him). In fact, they are told that not to do so is heresy, which is defined as...

Heresy consists in a pertinacious denial of doubt of a Catholic truth (c. 1325, 1917 Code of Canon Law) and it severs one completely from the Roman Catholic Church (Pope Leo XIII, Satis Cognitum). Which means you lose salvation for refusing to believe all of the church's teachings.

That's not all. There are many more required-for-salvation Roman Catholic teachings, here's just a few...

The Magisterium (the pope and the bishops in union with him) of the Roman Catholic Church is free from all error – Pope Leo XIII

All prayer with the heretics is condemned to hell. – Pope Pius IX

Whoever is separated from the Church is united to an adulteress – Pope Leo XIII

Only Catholics can be considered Christians – Pope Pius VI

Heretics such as Protestants, Jews, and Muslims are completely separated from the Body of Christ – Pope Eugene IV

Catholics must anathematize (condemn to hell) all heretics – Pope St. Martin 1

It is not against the will of God to burn heretics – Pope Leo X

Protestants have not the Trinity, life or salvation. – Pope Leo XIII

Outside the Church there is no true worship of God – Pope Gregory XVI

Non-Catholic worship is a disgrace and forbidden – Pope Clement V

The State must forbid non-Catholic religions – Pope Pius IX

To be Christian, one must believe in the Papacy – Pope Pius VI

One is not the child of God the Father, unless he takes the Church for his mother – Leo XIII

Whoever is outside the Catholic Church is not our brother. – Pope Leo XII

Outside the Church there is absolutely no salvation. – Pope Leo X

Heretics are the gates of Hell – Pope Vigilius

Ecumenism can meet with no kind of approval among Catholics – Pope Pius XI

To foster ecumenism is to reject the true religion – Pope Pius XI

Civil authority must be subject to the Church’s authority – Pope Boniface VIII

Those who die in mortal sin are destined for Hell – Pope Benedict XII

Only Catholics worship God – Pope Gregory XVI

The Catholic Church condemns all contrary opinions – Pope Eugene IV

One of the things that shows how different the official Roman Catholic Church of today is from its traditional Roman Catholic past is the treatment of Jews. While I thank God that we treat Jews with the human dignity they deserve, should that include praying with them though it is plainly known that they reject Jesus, the Son of the living God and God in the flesh? Especially since the Bible clearly warns Christians against such fellowship?

Yet, as we have all seen, the popes have joined Jews in prayer in synagogues and praised them as their “elder brothers.” This despite the fact that the church still must uphold the teachings of former popes which soundly condemned to hell all Jews who reject Jesus as the Son of God.

Lately the popes, following the lead of Vatican II, have clearly taught and acted to the contrary of church teaching. No wonder traditionalists are gaining steam.

Here’s an example from Pope Hardrian I: “Jews are anathema (cursed--condemned to hell) from God, completely cut off from His communion and splendor. DC: 168 (Decrees of the Ecumenical Councils, edited by Norman P. Tanner)

Think about it. We're talking about teachings that the Roman Catholic Church itself teaches are irreformable--unchangable. They have made their errors unchangable. How very sad. --Bro. Jim