Thursday, February 19, 2009

Are you really a Christian?

These people pray before this host (circle of bread) which they are taught to believe is now fully Christ their Lord, body, blood, soul and divinity (thanks to the prayers said over it). They are taught Jesus is actually standing there before them, therefore they believe it is perfectly good and commendable to worship the host because it is no longer bread but their very savior.

You look upon them with some sadness, fearing they have been misled and are not true Christians.

But how about you? Do you claim to be a Christian?

If so, do you believe you can lose your salvation, which is eternal life with Jesus?

If you answered “yes.” Please check your Bible again.

Jesus came to save you and not to simply win for you the “possibility” of salvation.

If you believe salvation can be lost, then you believe Christ won for you no more than a “chance” or “possibility” of salvation, because you believe that what Jesus won for you can be lost by you at anytime.

If you believe Christ won for you no more than a “chance” or “possibility” of salvation, you do not believe in the Christ found in the Bible, for he repeatedly assures, “He who believes in me has everlasting life” and promises he will let no one snatch you from him because he is holding you in his hand.

If the Christ you claim to worship is not the Christ of the Bible, who is he?

Sadly, he is an idol. Though he is invisible, he is as much an idol as the visible ones.

There is still time for you to believe in the true Christ who died to save completely all those he has given the gift of faith to believe in him.

Do you now believe that Jesus the Christ, Son of God, saved you completely when he died on that cross?

He wants you to take comfort in the complete salvation he has secured for you.

Live each day from now on knowing that he holds you in his hand. (John 10:27-30)