Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Catholic condemnation of Protestants and others

This learned Jesuit priest Mitch Pacwa is on EWTN for his Tuesday night show telling Roman Catholics that Vatican II didn't change any of the church's teachings. Baloney. It totally accepted ecuminism, which was totally rejected by the church prior to Vatican II. (See required-for-salvation teaches of various popes below).

Then "Father" Mitch Pacwa launches into the ecumenical teachings of Vatican II- and tells everybody that Protestants can be saved because, according to Vatican II, they have "elements of truth" in their churches--such as baptism. Then Mitch reminds us that Vatican II tells us that the Orthodox Church has true priests and sacraments and though neither of these share in the "fullness" of the Catholic Church (Roman Pope and those in communion) they can be saved.

Of course, he (Mitch) fails to mention that numerous popes thoughout the history of the church have soundly condemned to hell Protestants, Eastern Orthodox and all others who are outside the Catholic Church. In other words, believe Jesuit "Father" Mitch and his heretical Roman Catholic Church at your own peril--according to many of his own popes throughout the ages....who issued the following required-for-salvation teachings:

Whoever is separated from the Church is united to an adulteress – Pope Leo XIII

Only Catholics can be considered Christians – Pope Pius VI D. 1500

Heretics such as Protestants, Jews, and Muslims are completely separated from the Body of Christ – Pope Eugene IV

Catholics must anathematize (condemn to hell) all heretics – Pope St. Martin 1

It is not against the will of God to burn heretics – Pope Leo X

Protestants have not the Trinity, life or salvation. – Pope Leo XIII

Outside the Church there is no true worship of God – Pope Gregory XVI

Non-Catholic worship is a disgrace and forbidden – Pope Clement V

The State must forbid non-Catholic religions – Pius IX

To be Christian, one must believe in the Papacy – Pius VI

One is not the child of God the Father, unless he takes the Church for his mother – Leo XIII

Whoever is outside the Catholic Church is not our brother. – Pope Leo XII

Outside the Church there is absolutely no salvation. – Pope Leo X

Heretics are the gates of Hell – Pope Vigilius

Ecumenism can meet with no kind of approval among Catholics – Pope Pius XI

To foster ecumenism is to reject the true religion – Pope Pius XI

Civil authority must be subject to the Church’s authority – Pope Boniface VIII

Those who die in mortal sin are destined for Hell – Pope Benedict XII

Only Catholics worship God – Pope Gregory XVI

The Catholic Church condemns all contrary opinions – Pope Eugene IV