Monday, May 11, 2009

Making Mary a god

This is the month that Roman Catholics "honor" Mary, the mother of Christ. They offer her their "adoration" in many ways including so-called crowning ceremonies, where she is "adored" (the word used in place of worship) as the "Queen of Heaven." Some Jews also pursued a heretical worship of a so-called Queen of Heaven in the Old Testament. Look up "queen of heaven" at Note God's reaction to this heretical tradition.

In the 1800s, the Roman Catholic Church declared Mary the "Immaculate Conception" which means she lived her life without sin. Who is without sin but one who is God? This is essentially their declaration. They reject Paul's biblical declaration that all have fallen short. They have declared that one creature, Mary, did not fall short, did not sin. Yet they claim she still needed a savior. Oh yeah? Why?

They have declared Mary divine. Really want to be a Roman Catholic?