Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bishop Ryle endorses Toplady's Calvinistic views

Sharing some notes to myself...

As much as Bishop J.C. Ryle seemed to appreciate John Wesley, I believe it is all the more telling that he unhesitatingly endorsed August Toplady's Calvinistic theology as biblical theology:

"He (Toplady) was a bold defender of Calvinistic views about election, predestination, perseverance, human impotency, and irresistible grace. All these subjects I hold firmly that Calvin's theology is much more scriptural than the theology of Arminius (and Wesley). In a word, I believe that Calvinistic divinity is the divinity of the Bible, of Augustine, and the Thirty-nine Articles of my own Church, and of the Scotch Confession of Faith. While, therefore, I repeat that I cannot endorse all the sentiments of Toplady's controversial writings, I do claim for them the merit of being in principle scriptural, sound, and true. Well would it be for the Churches, if we had a good deal more of clear, distinct, sharply-cut doctrine in the present day! Vagueness and indistinctness are marks of our degenerate condition."--J.C. Ryle, Anglican Bishop of Liverpool
Through their writings, J.C. and Augustus have been like brothers in the faith to me, confirming the Holy Spirit's ongoing work in preserving the truth of the Gospel to this very day. God bless you. --bro. Jim